Wil Gieseler

I love building things.

I'm a developer, designer, filmmaker, and probably a few more things.

I believe that the future is bright, the world is getting better, and technology will continue to set us free.

@wilgieseler wilg wil@wilgieseler.com

Current Work


I'm currently working with an awesome group of people to build the world's best data exploration tool.

Explore Your Data

Other Fun Stuff


A Mac application to manipulate, transform, and convert 3D and 1D LUTs for film, video, and games.

A collaboration with Greg Cotten.

Transform Some Colors

Headline Smasher

Generate mashups of popular headlines. Vote on the best ones. A quick side project I built after being inspired by a post on Hacker News. Over 200,000 fake headlines have been mashed up from 2,500,000 real ones.

Smash Some Headlines


Hosted code coverage metrics made easy. Watch your coverage increase over time. Make sure pull requests keep you covered. Free for open source. I conceptualized, built, and was lead developer on this project for Lemur Heavy Industries.

Cover Your Code


A post-production management tool for animated or visual-effects heavy films. I built this to assist with post on two short films I produced, Brother and Tailed.

Plan Your Shots

Big Somewhere

A short film I wrote and directed about the unspoken bond between siblings.



One part game and one part social experiment. I built this as a kind of anti-social-network. Also available for iPhone.

Earn Coolpoints
You'll also find all sorts of other weird open source things I'm messing with on my GitHub profile.

Recent Writing

Skeuomorphism’s Death Has Been Greatly Exaggerated

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